Flu Treatment Using Herbal Remedies

Have you ever heard of the saying, “coming down with the flu?”

If you have coughs, colds, muscle and joint pains, abdominal pains and have a high fever, then “coming down” is certainly an appropriate way to describe things for you.

You feel as if the whole world will come clashing down when you feel the weight of the illness bothering you. That is why medicines and even herbal flu remedy come highly recommended during these cases.

Viral causes

Some of the causes of flu are viral. This means that the sickness can spread through virus and there will be some people who might be considered carriers of this disease. If the immune system breaks down due to stress, lack of sleep or lack of essential nutrients in the body to ward off any sickness, then the person will surely exhibit signs of flu. Some people begin to experience soreness of the throat, some may have a high fever immediately, others may have stomach cramps or may experience a soreness of the muscles.

Herbal remedy

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, it is advisable that you take some herbal flu remedy as this is a safe and effective way to fight the flu and relieve the patient of experiencing pain. Some of the known herbal remedies are: lemon ginger tea, honey ginger, and peppermint tea.

Lemon ginger tea has natural medicinal properties that help boost the immune system to fight off the flu virus. Ginger also helps flush out toxins, while lemon provides the body with the much needed Vitamin C, in order to recover from the illness.

If you want an alternative, you may also try the honey ginger tea as this has some sweetness combined with the spice and kick you will get from the ginger. Honey has known nutrients that also help boost the immune system to fight against viruses. Ginger on the other hand, is a good combination because it warms the body, therefore relieving you of your colds.

Another good family remedy you should try is peppermint tea. It has a calming effect that is sure to soothe your system and your senses to relieve you of any pain caused by flu symptoms.

If you want a safe and proven treatment for your family, then opt for the herbal flu remedy. You already have three options which are: peppermint tea, honey ginger and lemon ginger tea. So the next time you reach to get your medicine and antibiotics, try these first and get the most out of nature’s goodness.

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