Dalgety Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea ( Carton ) 54g




Product Description

Dalgety’s Lemon and Ginger blend brings an authentic flavor of two rich ingredients of the earths soil together. Each ingredient compliments the other for its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Lemon for its purifying and Ginger for its stimulating properties.

Key benefits:

Traditionally known to be effective against symptoms of coughs, colds and influenza among many other things.


Dalgety’s Lemon and Ginger blend is specially formulated for lovers of a stronger ginger taste. The tea is rich in Ginger with a twinkle Lemon kick-back. The major ingredients in this tea – Ginger and Lemon – have been specially selected and naturally dried using family ancestral techniques practiced over 100 years, to ensure the maximum strength is obtained from the ingredients.


  • Pure and natural dried root ginger
  • Pure and natural dried Lemon Peel, Orange Peel and Lemongrass
  • No artificial additives or flavorings
  • Caffeine Free
  • 100% Natural Product

Package size:

18 teabags per carton, 1 case = 6 cartons


  • Weight: 0.07 kg

29 reviews

Lemon and ginger tea

Posted by Rose Seabury on 15th November 2019

The best! I’ve tried all the ones available in the shops, and this one wins, hands down. Such a kick to start the day!

Lemon & Ginger

Posted by Jude Hall on 22nd July 2019

This product is still very good but has changed since I was last able to buy it. It is now much more ginger and a touch of lemon, which it didn’t used to be. The amount of ginger too my breathe away to begin with.

Best we've found.

Posted by Rodney Lawrence on 23rd March 2019

Delicious and refreshing.

Probably the best Lemon and Ginger Tea

Posted by Linda on 20th July 2018

I have tried different brands of tea and this Probably the best Lemon and Ginger Tea ever, thats why I keep coming back, Love it

Lemon and ginger tea

Posted by Rose Seabury on 3rd April 2018

The best, most flavoursome tea I’ve found, and I’ve tried most of them out there! As an added bonus, their customer service is first class too.

Delicious Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea

Posted by Lynn Alford-Burow on 3rd April 2018

This is the very best lemon & ginger tea for strength and consistently excellent flavour. My family won’t drink any other.


Posted by Rose on 22nd April 2017

I’ve tried every make of lemon and ginger tea I can find and nothing comes close to this. It has a flavour and a kick that is second to none. Starts my day off on the right note every time!

The best lemon and ginger tea around - you can taste the ginger!

Posted by Deb on 31st January 2017

Not an easy product to find – some supermarkets have it occasionally. So pleased that it is available direct from Dalgetty. To taste the lemon is important but for my preference you really need to have a good hit of ginger – no other brands come anywhere near this.

no substitute

Posted by sarah on 9th December 2016

I’ve been a fan of lemon and ginger teas for some years but it was only once a friend introduced me to dalgety’s lemon and ginger that I really understood what it was all about. Rather than the slightly insipid nature of most lemon and ginger teas, this is a robust, warming blend, packed with ginger flavour to perk you up on a cold morning. Alternatively it’s awesome for soothing coughs and colds with a drop of honey added and steeped for ages. I don’t know what I’d do if they ever stopped making them!

leads the way....

Posted by Brendan Forde on 22nd September 2016

Came across this at a local cafe and it is by far the best lemon tea I have come across. It is flavoursome, strong and refreshing. Unique, fantastic product .

No better!

Posted by Ashley on 1st September 2016

This is by far the best lemon and ginger tea

Most refreshing, finest flavour

Posted by Lynn on 30th November 2014

Dalgety is hard to find in my local little stores. I’m so pleased I thought to look online to buy some. The staff were really helpful, delivery was very quick. We have been fans of this delicious drink for a few years now. Nothing beats the strength and quality of Lemon & Ginger in our opinion. Other brands are insipid in comparison. Thank you.