Enjoy the strong and clean taste of

Dalgety Herbal Teas

With all the natural qualities of the herbs and plants preserved (which does not leave “the after drink coating” in your mouth). Drink with confidence.

Our Teas

Honey and ginger

Lemon and ginger

Cerassie / Corilla (bitter melon)

Pure peppermint

Instant ginger

Effective slimline

Superior quality • Pure organic ingredients ☕

Tea is the genuine strength!

Spoiled for choice yet?

Explore new tastes with our range of herbal teas.

Instant Teas

Tea granules that dissolve in hot or cold water when infused.

Moringa teas

Gain high nutritional potency, derived from the Moring plant.

Ginger teas

Stimulate your taste buds, and improve your health.

Peppermint teas

Improve digestion, and regulate your sleep.

Other Exotic teas

Teas with an awesome exotic tropical flavour.

Turmeric Teas

Reduces inflammation, and relieves muscular pains.

100% natural, strong tasting herbal tea infusion...

Customer Reviews

Excellent teas and products. The teas are strong in flavour. Would recommend it to anyone when craves the flavour of teas they grew up on in the Caribbean. Definitely great service and speedy response to getting your teas shipped to you. They are fantastic products and I'm sure you will find a tea that you are looking for.
Dorian Fontaine

Taster Tea Samples

Get the taste, relish the strong flavour of our herbal teas, then go all in.

Excellent product (the lemon and ginger is awesome) and superb customer service!
Rose Seabury
Great product. Strong taste. In fact, the best tea I've had so far!
T-o Ipaye

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